Product Manufacturing Standards

The PreGel Approach to Manufacturing

We at PreGel understand the importance of maintaining a high-level approach to manufacturing. This practice is central to our production and private label process. Top-of-the-line machinery paired with experienced and well-trained personnel are defining factors in our pursuit of manufacturing excellence. PreGel is the largest European company producing gelato mixes, ingredients and pastry products. Today PreGel has a worldwide presence with two production plants: one in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and one in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Food Science and Technical Service Department

Ensuring the quality and safety of PreGel’s operations worldwide, from procurement to production, the food science and technical service department works tirelessly to conjoin the disciplines of Research & Development, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Compliance, backed with in-depth industry research, state-of-the-art microbiological analysis, and full understanding of current food regulations. The FS&TS Team is committed to providing our customers with knowledge and support worthy of PreGel’s high quality ingredients.

Product Certifications


PreGel has been certified BRC Global Standard for Food Safety since 2011. The BRC certification which is recognized worldwide, offers a series of guidelines to ensure that an efficient system for the production of high quality food products is in place.

These standards focus on quality and food safety, and a complete application of HACCP as an integral part of the system and throughout all aspects of the company. The achievement of this certification demonstrates the Company’s commitment to our customers and to our ongoing pledge to producing high-quality food.


In addition, PreGel has also been certified IFS (INTERNATIONAL FEATURED STANDARD) since 2011. This international certification focuses on the quality and hygiene processes established in the production of food products.

PreGel complies with these processes by focusing on the implementation of the HACCP plan and with the careful selection of our suppliers. Obtaining this certification guarantees the fulfillment of the requirements of the IFS standards.


PreGel America is a SQF certified supplier; the Safe Quality Food (SQF) is an internationally recognized food safety and quality certification program administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). It certificates that all suppliers in the food chain effectively implement robust food safety control systems, and it demands evidence that both a rigorous and credible food safety management system and continuous monitoring procedures are applied.


In 2012, PreGel obtained an organic certification in line with the Company’s policy of sustainability. The organic production method not only responds to consumers’ demand and caters to a specific market but also contributes to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development. PreGel’s organic products are manufactured in compliance with the EC Reg. 834/2007.


Products that carry a Kosher certification satisfy the requirements of Jewish law in regards to the ingredients and process involved in the production of food or food products.



In 2011, PreGel obtained the Halal certification. Halal-certified products have been certified to follow Islamic food preparation and ingredient standards in keeping with the Halal lifestyle.



Since 2013, PreGel has obtained the I.G.P. certification for the Classic Paste product “Piedmont Hazelnuts I.G.P.”. This certification contributes to the development of a sustainable model, enhancing the quality of the resources from local communities in Italy. The product “Piedmont Hazelnuts I.G.P.” meets the requirements of EC Reg. 1151/12 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and food.


In 2014, PreGel also decided to join the D.O.P. certification, making the product “Liquorice of Calabria D.O.P.” manufactured in accordance with the relevant guidelines. This product meets the requirements of EC Reg. 1151/12 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural and food products.



PreGel is committed to provide its customers with the opportunity to meet the market demands, offering products that reflect the variety of dietary restrictions and lifestyles today’s consumers require. Therefore, it provides a wide range of products that are certified: